Thank You

I wanna thank you very much

Cause you are here with me

Do you know how long I have been misled?

Keep walking through the night without any light

Get lost and alone in the peculiar dream

Get adrift in the sea of doubt

Then, you light up the lighthouse on your island

I feel the helping hands holding me

You know, my lady, those hands are yours


You wake me up from my never ending restlessness

You teach how to be a better man

You teach me how to love everything I own

You teach me how to treasure this life

You show me love I’ve never got before

You show me that I will not be alone anymore

You help me shaping a new life


I will learn to start again

I will learn not to be frightened again

I will learn to make it right

I will learn to live before I die

Thank you very much

Cause everything that’s good in me comes from you


Kendari, Sunday September 18, 2011


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  • Wow, my lovely sister Anele..You have made my day again with your lovely commentary. I am not engaged, believe it. I only got hit with so much inspiration and it made my hands move to write and create such words :)..........Well, if you want to know who the lucky ladies really are, check this link out...


  • Thanks so much, Dreamy.. True love really inspires me to write.. :D
  • Hal and Rajesh...Thanks for liking this post, my friend ;)
  • Very nice post.

    Thank you for sharing Achan.

  • precious words with great feeling .

    thank you

  • You're welcome, Jumaida..Thanks for your comment ;)
  • thank you for sharing with us ^^
  • Thanks so much, Jenny..

    Have a lovely day ;)

  • Thanks for the comment, Manuela. I hope you will get it too ;)
  • What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wish you to always find the happiness that you deserve.
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