English is not my native languange but we must learn this languange at school. The thing that I never understood is that since I was in high school, I have hardly been able to remember how to differentiate between past continuous tense and past perfect tense, even until now. When our teacher teaches us about tenses, in that moment I will remember how to differentiate them but ask me the next morning, I will just stay silent. What's wrong with me and tenses? *facepalm*

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  • I have the same problem

  • We have the same problem.. :D
  • Tidak apa apa teman ku, Winda. Saya mengajri tenses. Saya sedang mengajari. The past continuous tense tells us about an unfinished action which was not completed in the past. it happened in the past and it was still going on at the time of speaking. for instance, ( Winda was writing her blog ). The past perfect tense shows the time of the action which was earlier than before now, and it is used to show that an action took place before the other although it was mentioned at the end of other actions. let's have an example: (I commented on Winda's blog when she had written it) I hope that helps.

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