I am taking the challenge as well!!!

When I was a child I wanted a sister.   

Many years ago my mother got pregnant and I remenber when my parents went to the hospital because the "moment" had arrived!  (at that time you were not able to know if the baby was a boy or a girl. You had to wait that your mother gave birth to know it!), I got anxious, because remember: I wanted a sister! 

I put my elbows over the window and waited for long hours for my father"s return from the hospital. When I saw my father I started to run to the entrance of my home and without breathing I asked him loudly -with my elementary language at that age-  DAD, WHAT HAPPENED? and he said: IT IS A BOY!!!

I started to cry inconsolably ....because I wanted a sister!  The same story was repeated many times....because I HAVE FOUR BROTHERS...... and I do not have sisters!

I love all my brothers and I am extremely lucky to have them.   Everyone of my brothers is a treasure for me, but when I was a little girl I really wanted a sister!! Now, when we remember that memory we laugh a lot with my family.

Thanks for reading it!!!

 PD: That is not my picture.......

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Janeth Duarte

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  • Thanks a lot Camel for taking the time to read this story!  Thank you for sharing that saying, it is very wise indeed. I am afraid that when I was a child I was not able to understand that, but now I am really grateful for all my brothers.

    Best wishes!

  • As the saying goes: " Blood is thicker than water". So, it doesnt matter whether sister or brother.  :)

  • Yes, Having siblings is an indescribable experience.  You have an excellent point there Fizzy (about my 4 sister in law)!! Thank you so much for reading this unforgettable moment!

    Have a great day! 

  • i always envy to see some ppl have many siblings.  

    The good news is Janeth you will have 4 sister-in-law. 

  • Wow, Amazing childhood story. Your expectation was so amazing. I am also thinking the same as you. If I have a little sister. Very funny thing is I am little among my brother and sister. When I saw any a teenage girl around myself I think if she is my little sister. I will love her so much and will always take care.   

  • Thank you so much Onee-chan for your answer!  I am grateful for your help! It is great to practice our writing skills here and get excellent feedback from you. Thanks again!

  • Hi Janeth!

    You're most welcome. It is so nice to read your blog. Hope to read more from you. :)

    The verb 'start'+infinite/gerund, both are correct.

    You can read this as references:



    And, by the way, if you don't mind..

    I am extremely lucky to have them.

    Onee ^^

    Verb + -ing or verb + infinitive
    Oliver, Daisy and Alfie are at Oliver and Daisy's home. Oliver is upset, so Daisy and Alfie decide to cheer him up.
  • I am glad that you liked it Jeong Hojin.  I smile as well every time when I remember that I asked my father the same question many times....I am sorry that you do not have brothers, but I am pretty sure that you have amazing friends around you.

    Thank you so much for reading my story!

  • I have a feeling of happiness during reading your article.

    I was automatically smiled to image your action at that time.

    I envy you have four brothers because I don't have brothers than you

  • Many thanks to you Onee-chan for giving us this interesting challenge!  I think we all learned a lot from it and we had pleasant moments writing our own challenge and reading others"s challenges. That was extremely enriching!

    So, you only have brothers like me, don"t you?  Your point of view is really nice: princess and princes! 

    Thanks for you time, I appreciate it! 

    PD:  I have a doubt, I wrote: "started to cry" instead of "started crying".  Which one is correct? Thanks in advance!

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