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Ten fast ways of gaining knowledge using the internet

Ten fast ways of gaining knowledge using the internet

Internet is the best technological revolution happen to us in centuries. We can do tons of thing on the internet. We can spend time productively or waste it all. We are here to tell you with the fastest way of gaining knowledge using the internet. So you don’t spend all your time watching that cute animal compilation.

Watch Informative Videos.

This best way to gain knowledge is by watching informative video. Watch these informative videos, and you will not get bored. You can watch informative videos from YouTube and National geographic’s website. Discovery channel also provides with video documentaries but are available in specific number areas. These videos can briefly explain about a particular topic and help you allot to learn new things. Learning something can’t be more easier. Just open any educational website, write the main topic you want to study and a massive list of video will show up explaining all about the topic. Some site also offers a paid subscription for the video service. If it’s necessary, buy the subscription otherwise go for the free one. These websites owners make their videos with collaboration with experts. This makes them an excellent option for users to learn from them. If it is possible, you can find another free source for the same coarse try that.

Listen To An Audiobook.

Most people don’t know what audiobook are? Audiobooks are standard books read by someone. These audiobooks are quite helpful as you can listen to them anywhere. You can play audiobooks and do anykind of work while listening to them. Audiobooks are not that expensive and are very good. Some sites offer free audiobooks so you first can try their experience and if you are satisfied then buy a subscription if you wish. Some websites are free but have a limited number of the library. Some audiobook also provides you with some other features as well, such as little quizzes, exclusive badges. The best thing about the audiobook is that you can listen to them anywhere you want..

Read EBooks.

Some people like to read a book, so the internet has a solution for that also. Regular books are scanned and converted in digital form so you can read them anywhere and you can learn new words. Now that EBooks are a whole industry, some company have made a particular device to read this eBook. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy a new device to read eBooks. You can use your already owned device such as your phone, computer and TV to read them. EBook reading is much better than regular book reading, as EBooks don’t strain your eye while reading as an ordinary book would. You can change the theme of the EBook you are reading, and you can adjust Font Size of text as to your taste.

Read The Blog.

Want to learn something new in a short time? Then reading a blog can be an excellent option. A blog is a short text and which require little time to be read. A blog is actually a summary of all the research done by the blog’s writer. Daily thousands of blog are published online. Blog writing is a source of income nowadays for some people. If you read several blogs and are ready to write your own blogs, you can write your blog too. Blogs have their communities and are a great option to talk to other peoples.

Pictorial Tutorial.

Reading a pictorial tutorial is quite good. Mostly it is a step by step guide of how something is done with different images for further understanding. Reading these can be quite helpful, and you can quickly learn about new stuff. Many websites are offering these features. Some websites are also have made mobile apps for its user.

Join a forum

Forum is communities of people talking on the same topic. You can get information or talk to experts guys online which specialise in this field. Discussions are quite fun in forums and are a great way to learn. You can make online friends with same interest through forums. These forums are quite useful if you are stuck somewhere and need help. Sometimes the solution isn’t available online, so most forums give expert opinions on the topic. Many forums also have real-life get-togethers which you can join. Discussion in forums is mostly human talk based. Forums may have negative people in them, so don’t get offended. Moderator will remove these toxic people, but some are still left.

PowerPoint Slideshows

Are you stuck somewhere and can’t seem to understand what you are reading? Try reading a slideshow of the topic. A slideshow is a summary of a specific item in the form of slides, which are made by mostly experts. These can provide a simple definition for the understanding of its users. Some slideshow also provides with crucial points of the topics, and these are quite good for students. The most popular website is slide share, but they’re lots of other websites available too.

Join an online course 

An online course is a perfect way to learn about a whole subject extensively. Expert in their fields designs specialised online courses. Some Online course also provides you with a certificate if you complete their test. You can add them to your CV. Do you want to learn computer coding? Try by joining the specific course. The only downside of this that most website takes money for it. But there is still some website which offer it for free. Information on an online course is up to date. Some site also provides live experts to teach some particular topics.

Online Quizzes

Need to learn a subject? Online exams can be a great help. A lot of websites and apps offer online exams with many questions. You can practice for university test on online sites like these. The advantage is that you can see your mistake and review them later. In case of a wrong answer, the website will then the correct explanation in the results.

Read Biography

Yes, reading a biography can be quite helpful to learn something new. Reading someone biography make you see other’s achievements and mistakes. This way, you can do thing easier and avoid mistakes. Reading a biography of different people can help in understanding history. Many websites are available that tell full bio of almost all famous people. If you’re a student, you should do it on a daily bases. It helps in learning about new facts about different people. You can utilise this information in history classes.

These are the best way to learn from the internet. Internet is full of stuff in which you could almost find anything. In Future, we would have even more ways to learn online. Such video in virtual reality and use of AR to learn. Before doing anything, take a short career test to find which field suit you best. Then invest your time that field. If you already decide what you want to do, then follow your passion. Internet is the best source to learn right now. Now it all depends on you how to utilise you use time. Sometimes it is hard to this stuff, but after a while, you get addicted to learning. Sir Francis Bacon once said, “that knowledge is power and to get this power, you must sacrifice something”. This something is mostly time and enjoyment. If you still don’t feel like learning something new don’t. Whose stop you anything? You are a human, and you have your own will. Just remember the time once gone never comes back and you can’t do anything to change the past. We are sure that you will find these ways of learning through the internet quite good.

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Caspar Lee is a fervent blogger with extensive expertise in education, travel, health, lifestyle, career and technology based writing. He is at present an academic consultant for Dissertation Help an organization helping students to find ease and peace of mind with better results.


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Caspar Lee is a fervent blogger with extensive expertise in education, travel, health, lifestyle, career and technology based writing. He is at present an academic consultant for Dissertation Help an organization helping students to find ease and peace of mind with better results.

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