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I got the inspiration from my father and from my wife to write this blog though I am not a teacher.

While we are studying we were learn in our local language 'Matha, Pitha, Guru Deivam' (Mother, Father and Teachers are equal to God!).  A sincere teacher who servers and retires as a teacher, whereas his students are become doctors, scientists, noble laurels etc.etc.   

My father will be teaching in a rural place where there are no facilities.  He used to go by pedaling the cycle almost 10 kms or so and spend the day with the students teaching not only the syllabus but also the morale and ethics of life.  Most of time he skips his lunch bag because of the urgency to reach the school in time.  This is the profession where you enjoy spending with the students, learn from them, guide them and help them to achieve their goals.

This profession is very tough in my view where one has to handle different types of students with different attitude, culture and background.  The teacher has to understand each student and then to mould them accordingly.  He has to spend more time for some dull students.  He has to brief their parents about their performance and to help them to train them in a right manner.  The students, because of their age, not able to understand what their teacher wants from them will give lot of trouble to them and make fun of them. The tolerance and patience are verymuch needed for this profession.  

In the present scenario (as per my wife's experience) most of the schools are just run to earn money and the management is not worried about the future of the students.  90% of work is being done by the teachers and the students are just to obey their teachers and nothing more.  The management wants to please the parents so that they get more admissions and simultaneously more money. They spend lot of money towards advertising and other activities through which they attract people.  In my opinion the pay what they offer to the teachers will also matters on the quality of education they provide to the children.  The government teachers will get more pay whereas no parent wants to join their children in government schools and they want their children to study in big corporate schools. Educating on character building, ethics are big questions in the present Hitech schools. There are dedicated teachers but they are not allowed to act on their own and they have to follow the syllabus, tests, fairs, marks etc.etc. as per their management criteria.  In my view the rural schools are better and the students are taught good habits etc.  The key factor, in my view, is the teacher irrespective of the pay she/he gets, if passionate about her/his profession can impart good education and simultaneous build good character citizens.  

Finally I would like to thank Lady Anne for making me to write this blog!

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  • Thanks Setareh!

  • I hope every teacher could understand the vital role they play in students' destiny. Well done to all great teachers. I love your post, thanks.
  • Thanks Camel for your feedback..I will try to watch the movie!

  • Thanks Inna!

  • Very nicely written, and great thoughts, too. Thanks for sharing.

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