Teaching: Between theory and practice

We "teachers" read and studied alot of books and articles about teaching strategies,but ..Can we apply all those theories in the class??What do you think?

For me, I can say that theories can help but if we know how to apply them correctly and add our own experience and personality.

Teaching is not only about motivating students to learn ,but about helping them how to learn and get the essence of the information.If the teachers have the passion and the the love to their career ,so I think they can convey them to the students.

As you know ,Knowledge is not only in methods and theories ,but it's about bridging the gap between theory and practice .

It's so important to keep the teacher's authority and the respect inside the class ,and at the same time create a relaxed atmosphere to the students...to make them share ideas ,ask questions ....

I think teachers should have first of all self-confidence then,they can use their information and theories to explain the lessons.

 Good teachers practice their job not for money or because they have to, but because they enjoy it and they want to be a teacher.

  Good teachers couldn't imagine doing anything else  !


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  • Thank you for reading and commenting !  It's so important to share teaching methods here .

  • Thank you Mukesh Das for reading and commenting.
  • Thank you dear tawfeeq,I always appreciate your opinion.
  • Thank you jean for sharing,it's really a challenge to prove ourselveves in front of students and to transimt the information with patience and a smile.
  • You`re completely right, when we studied to become teachers, we discovered all these theories about education and learning styles, etc. But when you`re in the middle of the class, with a lot of teenagers watching you from foot to head, that`s the moment when a teacher knows if he/she is really a teacher, it`s like a feeling of emotion and self-reliance that makes you able to transmit your knowledge to the students. A good teacher never panics or suffers in a class, it`s a challenge for him/her to finish those 45 minutes with a smile. :) 
  • Thank you for sharing and reading my blog ,I really appreciate all your opinions and comments .
  • Great topic to discussed, Teacher Hala!

    firstly I must know the character of my students, because not all students have the same character (including us-teachers). I do different methods even though the material presented is the same.


    the same method to different classes at the same level, don't always get the results we expect. teachers should be able to improvise and have his own way when teaching in the classroom, although we can't neglect the theory as a basis for our teaching..


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