Tea seller

I was  born  in Karbala city this is Religious Cityو in iraq country  my childhood in Alleys old  of this town

A certain period   I was I selling pepper In the summer holidays and I had many  friends one of these friends was a tea seller  . he was a good person  but I wasn't good child . he was poor and  person. and he didnot have Scientific certificat 

my city has many Visitors  because a shrine of imam Hussain  Son of prophet Mohamed  many of these visitors were from   many countries   like Iran , India , Arabic  and other countries. my story with this person every time I wanted a tea and he don't give me because I did not give him money for cup of tea  i but a hot  pepper in  his teapot and when someone came and drink his tea , He feels that the strange taste and Blame him . he was liked me as your sons and he didn't want to hard me so he  decided  to give me  three cups of tea on the other hand.  I decided to help him and do not  annoy him  .  after many years I come to place that I  worked in past I didn't see him I asked about him , they said he become Politician  in one of  Political party.

i laughed  and i realize why in my country we can not become advanced country because we put The man inappropriate in place is important.

plz correct my mistakes in grammar and vocabulary  


Religious City

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  • I would like to say about this great man you mentioned that We, Alhamdolillah, belong to thankful group of sunny Muslim, who pay due respect to the great man and all those who made sacrifices for the noble cause of Islam.
  • thank you  so much , all your comments  make me happy and I useful from  these 

    and it give me energy for learning  new things 

  • Sorry for correction:
    Imam Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him)  grand Son of prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him).
  • Hi Caro. Interesting story. A tea seller became a politician. What is his goal?

  • Keep writing and you will get improved. Thanks for sharing your story.
  • Caro, you taught me a good things whenever I want to annoy the person. I put pepper into the tea and give him/her.

  • Well, maybe the only appropriate place for people whom didn't have any qualification is being a politician. That's why the world is getting hay wire nowadays.

  • Hello Caro,,

    I'm interested in your story. The same thing happens in my country. It's a common problem now. Many scholars aren't put in appropriate place based on their major/subject. So, here are so many entrepreneurs.

    Well, about your writing, if I may give you my suggestion:

    *Notice about punctuation. It can make the readers feel comfortable and easy to read your blog.
    *Try to arrange the paragraphs. At least, for the next blog. Did you write a blog from you phone? You can edit by using laptop.

    *Proofreading before publish your blog. Recheck about your grammar, at least to diminish mistakes.
    *Read and comment to some other's blogs, so you can improve your English...IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LEARN.

    Well, I'm not a professional English teacher. I'm learning, too.

    If you would consider this error..

    My city has many visitors because a Shrine of Imam Hussain, a son of our Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). Many of these visitors were from various countries like Iran, India, Arabic and other countries.

    Keep blogging, Caro! Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Caro..this unfortunetly happens in every country.They choose the one whose ideas like them.

    Thanks for sharing
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