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  • Yes Mary, it happens to me also :( The secret is not to have any sweet in your home but my mom brings sweets or asks me to make sweets for them, so how can i resist? :D :(

    I agree with Behrad about exersice.

  • My eyes are having a heart attack. I can't take it anymore. Denmark, here I come!


  • I agree with Behrad's comment; Eat whatever you like, just CONSUME THE CALORIES:

  • You know... eat everything you like... then just exercise... then you can convince yourself that sweets are not dangerous anymore 'cause you do exercise and metabolize them!!! I know it's somehow manipulative, hahaha...

    Nice picture and blog, MARY...

  • I like sweet but not that much, I don't have a sugar teeth. :D so, fruit is still my best healthy food. :)
  • Are you teasing me...........................please do not remind............!!!!

  • hi Mary,i love sweets but then my throat is sensitive .
  • Ahhh... It's just unfair, right? 

  • Lol... Mary, did I inspired you? :D

    This reminds me when after a hearty meal the client ask for the waiter: "please, saccharine with the coffee instead of sugar"

    Sweet things never made anyone bitter ;)
    (Although I'm not fond of sweets)
  • A738a btw... 'Apocalyse Now'? :D
    I like your references.

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