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  • A738a Holy Guacamole O____O

  • Ice-Cream-Cone.jpg?width=500

  • haha LUCI! You're so demanding! :D

    Aseventhreeeighta... Where is the Danish ice cream?:/    Anyway... good luck!

    ELF! yes, I said that in a comment below. I don't have any problem with the calories, so that's why I mentioned a 'balanced diet'. This means to eat all kind of food in a healthy and proportioned way.
    Thanks for your comment :)

    setareh, I think sometimes our body 'tell us' what it needs. If you suddenly feel like a 'need' for eating sweets, maybe that's the way your body tells you: "Setareh! We need sugar!" :D

  • Oh Recently I noticed that I have so much appetite for sweets, but thinking of getting fat still can hold me back.:D

  • LOL

    Don't think too much about diet, BUT don't eat too much :)..  eat whatever you like but in limit..!!

  • I don't get what you're misconstruing about this pic? This is a Danish ice cream, so I'm gonna go to Denmark to eat diabetes there. Wish me luck!

  • :D well.. I am not so much into sweets ..for me the best cake is grilled steak! However.. it is nutritious too!!! Plus beer or wine I would drink after eating it.. is also full of calories... Save meeee! :D and come with cake in the morning :/ btw chocolate one...
  • Estanis, my dear 'sweet-maker', I can't blame you for anything since you make this world more sweet! ...But I guess you're already fed up of people around you asking you for cakes all the time, so I can imagine why you're 'not fond of sweets' hehe ;)

    noaslpls, Right!! :(

    nechel your throat? mmmm I guess what you love are ice creams then?

    Onee-chan yes, fruits are a very good alternative. My 'problem' is that when I eat fruit, I chop it and put it in a bowl... and then I add honey or syrup to it! :S

    Behrad, I already eat whatever I feel like, I'm skinny so I don't have any problem with the calories (actually, I should eat more) But that's a good 'tip', thanks ;)

    Mishaikh, yes, that's a good advice but as I replied to Behrad, I don't have any problem with the calories. But I guess is a good habit to have a balanced diet and not to make 'abuse' of some things like sugar... Even more since the food industry add very high levels of sugar to almost everything we eat and drink -there are lot of food that you couldn't imagine can contain high levels of sugar, such as tomatoe sauces (ketchup), burgers, pizza, sliced bread...

    A738a  Okayyyyy... This time I don't get you :/

    Elen, Can you make sweets for me? ^_^

    saba, yeap! that's right! :)

    noona^, haha yes! that too!! :D

    Evangelina, why all the fun things are usually inadvisable? It's a mean world! :(

    Thank you all for dropping by, reading, liking and commenting! You are the best ^_^
    Glamour kisses for you all!!


  • well, its  ruin my teeth not my diet :D

  • The best time for eating sweets is in the morning, the brain needs glucose.....the body can burn calories during activities, and the worst time for eating sweets is at night.

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