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One of my favorite comedians is Ismo. He is from Finland and moves to America and deal with language barrier, so I just feel that he is on the same page with me. I watch his video frequently and pick this one for you. This is a moment when he speaks about "Excitement" in a context the world of work in America. Enjoy and have a fantabulous weekend! 

I've been living in America for almost 3 years. And recently, I try to learn how to be more excited. Because people are way too excited here and it's like in Finland we do not get excited that much. Do you know what the place that where people get so excited? Email! Have you read your email lately? Where do people seem to always get excited about something? I recently stayed at a hotel and the hotel asked for my email, so they can contact me to give some bonuses or something. So I gave my email and the following day I got an email from the hotel. It said, "We are super excited that you have joined our membership program and we can not wait for you to enjoy your benefits." And I replied back: " Well, I am really sorry to hear that you can not wait, but, you will have to practice waiting. Because I am unable to enjoy my benefits right now."

Also, recently I booked an appointment with a dentist. And the dentist's office sent me an email: "We are beyond excited that you are coming to see the dentist." I think that sounds dangerous. I prefer the dentist who is calm, I don't know how beyond excitement is. But it sounds unhealthy.

Well, like ten years ago. It was to be okay to write an email using "Good". But now, if you write using "Good", then it sounds wrong. Like it has to be at least "Great". So, "Great" is a minimum standard. To be maximum, you should write "Awesome" or "Exciting" or "Hyped". When someone texts me this way, I'm pumped and inflated somehow. 

My concern is what is an email going to look like 10 years from now, in the future? In the future, every single work email has to start like: " I can not contain myself, I can barely breathe.  I am experiencing muscle strain from the avalanche of emotion. I actually passed out for a couple of seconds from the excitement of meeting you tomorrow at 1:30."
Source: Stand up comedy - ISMO
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  •         The topic is humorous. Thanks for the smiles. Frankly, I like everyone who has this kind of unique talent, Stand up comedy. They use humor to comfort others, and never be afraid to make them laugh at themselves. God bless you my friend.

    • Laughter is the best medicine :)))

      Have a blessed day ahead.

  • I am deeply disappointed right now. I thought that your favourite comedian is Podemos. But you chose  Ismo,  who is trying to be rival me. You broke my heart Peony. 

    Despite it  I have forgiven you. Because I don't want you to be sad. And sure I believe that you will rethink about your choice and probably will choose me .

    • Hi Podemos, I didn't check my blog at all until today. My sincere apologies for being late in reply! You are incomparable with Ismo to the extent I am able to laugh even without staring at your face. Oh, I hope to see you again in EC!

  • His reply is funny... 


  • Comedy based on real events right?  Haha.. that's the expected result of mixing different cultures; by one side compelling, exciting,  thrilling, swindler characters,  by other side quite, silent or unexciting ones. 

    But only stereotypes, of course not to be generalised. 

    So funny!  : )

    • Yes, based on real event comedy.  Ismo showed his journey of learning English hilariously. There are so many funny videos about how he tries to comprehend the language and cultures. It was thought-provoking, riveting, discerning, and perfectly served with his sharp-witted attitudes.

  • Terima kasih banyak Peony! I liked it, thanks for sharing.

    • You're welcome, Dara :)))

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