Sunday Cycling

1. Cloudy sky, gotta go long way.7998846264?profile=RESIZE_710x

2. Do you know what attracts me to take this photo?7998847657?profile=RESIZE_710x

3.Someone said nature is the best art.7998848453?profile=RESIZE_710x

4. My Arabian Horse.7998849255?profile=RESIZE_710x

5.Water touching my foot taking my stress making me refresh.7998858264?profile=RESIZE_710x6. The size of the Mountain reminds me of how little I am. 7998864296?profile=RESIZE_710x

7.Both are beautiful but one is artificial another is natural.7998869082?profile=RESIZE_710x

8.Wait there I am coming7998874092?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • as always Fake... beautiful places. 


  • Lol They are the fake photos of Fake !..Look man look , Share them on the Photo galery as I said this before !... 

    • I don’t want to bother moderators.  🙂      

  •  You are a good observer...and that is NOT a fake. 

    • Yab! I am.  Thank you

      • YAB!!! Caramba, no matter how many springs you have witnessed, you are bound to learn new things and words....... ;-)


        • Eevn if you raed wrods wtih a msseed up odrer of its ltteers,

          you need olny the frist and the lsat rhigt ltteer of the wdors

          to be albe to raed a txet crotelcry.


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