Hello guys! Just here to exclude one letter from twenty six letters of English.
It is just begun when I checked out my English club Inbox. Then my mind blows
upon seeing this writing prompt in blog .

I just like to introduce little of me
for those who people who don't know me.

I live from the republic of the Philippines,  member of this club since twenty fifteen.
I think this site is very useful for English students ,just those people who
like to to improve their English will definitely get the benefit in using this site.

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  • Well done, Jesson!

  • Guys, thanks for all of your nice comments.

    Stranger ,  your writing challenge was really nice and unique.

    Elen, thanks for the compliment, dear.

    Luci, I thought you were not going to come back again, nice to see you hear. even though I have a little time to check My english club. I still seeing old friends at this site.

    Noa, Yes really ,I have grammar mistakes here,, lol, thanks for your suggestion :)

    Sophi,, nice suggestion, thanks again.

    Mishaikh, thank you!! 

  • Good attempt. Keep going.

  • The letter 'A' is one of the hardest letter to be excluded in the English words especially when we are using singular word. Well done, though I think in your sentence "Then my mind blows
    upon seeing this writing prompt in blog", there should be the article 'a' in front of the 'blog' because it's singular. Maybe it should be written as "Then my mind blows
    upon seeing this writing prompt in a blog". But hey! I could be wrong. :D :D

  • Jesson... hiii !!! good to see you blogging and yeahhh i agree with others .. well done, bro :D
  • Hello Jesson! Wow, you chose the hardest letter and you made it with the challenge! Good work, congratulations!

  • impressive work Jessy James!

    excellent performance, nice text + task:) you did a good progress already, sir!

    thank you for your efforts:)

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