Story About My Country

Indonesia, yeah Indonesia....a country which is located right on the equator. That's mean Indonesia is full state a fertility, whatever you plant will grow. And Indonesia so beautiful, because consists of several Islands and have many cultures and mother languages.Jave, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Bali and etc. That is the names of any island. and as native indonesia, i really love and pride fro this country.

besides Indonesia have many problem, but it was made my country has own story.

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  • @Grace: Indonesia is big country Grace. It has many source from Human and Natural. You should visit my country Grace. I believe you will love it and I will help you to showed where place is nice and beautiful.... Hopefully, I could meet you in Indonesia...Thanks for your comment...:)

  • What a attractive country! Hope to visit your country someday to explore its beauty in person. :)

  • @mitran: Oh....I will entertain you as a Princess in my Life. I admire sacrifice a MOM....and I am glad with you mitran....:)

    @Cogane Nguyen> thank for comment. And yes you all right, nice country with lot of culture, language and type of human. Do you interest with Indonesia? I thought your country is near with my mine. Thak you ya...and Have a nice day Cogane Nguyen. By the way, May I know your name means? because i feel hard to spelling it...:)

  • nice country ))

  • Hope one day I can visit your country. But maybe I need wait for a long time (because my hubby is lazy, he doesn't want to go out). And hhhh...I said to him : one day, when I finish my responsibility (for my Kids). I will go around alone. hehehe...I will leave him at home and enjoy his "boring day"

  • MashAllah
  • Thank you are my lovely friend, you always encouraged me to go forwad and be brave gril. Thank you Ganaa....i will  go ahead and do our best. i hope to see you in my Country....:)


  • thank you Nishank, nice be friend with you. hope could met with you on Indonesia....:)


  • Helloo! Ana

    First of all, I am very proud of u that u wrote first long post! Congratulation Girls!

    Every country has its own value to attract tourists ....I heard that There is and island called Bali in Indonesia where I will go one day

    Best regards


  • ofcourse Irina, Indonesia is beautiful country and unique Culture...come here, and i will show you who a beautiful my indonesia...

    thank for your comment...:)

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