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  • Gabriel ji.......

    I know , you have told me that Solving puzzle is like having a cup of tea for you..............So, I would like to offer u a cup of tea.....Please take it ...This is especially for you....Will u take it or Shall i drop u in that????2387511807?profile=original
  • Ghazal.......Really a Nice Sharing.....I laughed like anything on knowing to the Old youth's comments on younger ones....Its of "same feathers" feeling.......isnt it??

  • @ Madhu Bala 

    Aiyayo… Vada pochea! Enakku unmayil theriyum neengal solla vanthathu ennavendru. Aanal intha blogkai eluthiyavar thappaaga ninaikka kudaathu enbatharkkaga siru villakam thanthen! ;-) 

    Lol…! I need some time to mull it over before could give an answer to your puzzle! I need to throw myself on your mercy at the moment! :-)     

  • Gabriel ji......

    Yes I know that it's Ghazal's blog.....and so, i said Thanx for sharing this story....and not Thanx for sharing your story....hehehe....(English Vazhga!!)

    And,, please help me to solve this puzzle too......first, i thought they were starring at me as i didnt find anybody standing behind me...........then it struck my mind that its a picture and its you who snapped, tell me dear, why they became toothless on looking at youuuu...


    Hello, Madhu Bala!

    First, it’s not my story! This is what Ghazal wanted to share with us. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to upload a photo/image as she’s new to EC. Thus, she only gave us the link to the scanned-copy of the story that she prepared for us!

    Lol…! You bet! Not only the old gentlemen’s eyes would have brightened up but also their toothless jaws would have dropped in exhilaration! This is the picture of the two I captured prior to this incident. It happened a week ago while they were strolling along the same promenade.


  • Thanks Gabriel ji...for sharing this story....And I bet, even those two old gentlemen's eyes would be as brighter as that of these two youths, if they turn back and see that Girl....Any doubt? LOL

  • Ghazal

    I'll teach you an easy way that you could use to place your picture/story on the blog:

    1. Right-click on the picture that you see below and choose the option 'Copy image'.

    2. Go to the top of this blog and click on the button 'Options'. Then, choose 'Edit Post'.

    3. Now, right-click inside your blog and choose the option 'Paste'.

        [You should able to see the picture!]

    4. Finally, click on the button 'Publish Post'. It's found on the bottom right-hand corner of your blog.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, Ghazal!

    This the scanned image of the picture (story) to which you've given us the link:


  • I wish you type the whole story and put the source of the story. It will be better and interesting to read.

  • Hi, Ghazal!

    I’ll buy into that! Yes, it’s true that our eyes could reveal our thoughts and emotions. I don’t think the excitement in the eyes and the delight on the faces of the two young men could have been due the sight of those elderly gentlemen. I’m sure we all would have witnessed such state of affairs! ;-)        

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