People who come from abroad or are suspected of carrying the coronavirus are locked in buildings or hotels.  In some countries, they are put in high luxurious hotels and given the life that each one of us is dreaming of. Their meals are presented precisely according to the time. Juice and other beverages are served round the clock. The internet is free. After two weeks, the health authorities would know whether they are well or not.       

I heard pope Francis saying that the lord would not leave us alone. Therefore, why don't we just clean our hearts and ask God to save us from this pandemic? This reminds me of the story of Prophet Moses, peace and blessings of God be upon him with his people during the drought.

Prophet Moses took his people for prayer asking God for the rain. They began the prayers and there was no rain, and the heat became stronger. Then Moses asked God, "why there is no rain?" God said, "among you is one person who used to disobey me for forty years, ask him to come out."

Then Moses said, "come out, you who disobeyed God."

The man turned left and right and saw that no one came out and knew that it was him. Then he thought to himself, "If I come out, it is a big scandal for me. If I don't come out, no rain." Then he asked his God regretfully, "Oh my Lord, I disobeyed you for forty years and you waited, now, I came obediently to you, please accept me,,," The rain fell before he finished his supplication.

Moses said to God, "the man did not come out, how did it rain?" God said to Moses, "the man came to me repentant." Then Moses said that he wanted to see and know the man. God said, "I covered him when he disobeyed me,  would I expose him when obeys me?"



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    • Hello, Pikachu 1990. I hope to be one of your friends. May I? Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • The moral of the story is that we all should repent to God almighty ...  such pandemic didn't come from nothing

    • Alash katahdur haka ya Houssine? Exactly, my dear good friend. The quick pandemic outbreak is because of something big in my opinion. Thanks, Houssine for your comment. 

  • Wow...Such a good Moral Story

    • Akohomoda Muhsin! Thanks, for your encouraging words. Please, tell your mother that Fatima wanted that cake for Eid. My wife knows about it but she really liked your mom's piece. 

  • It was so grate.

    • Mumnoon Elnaz! Thanks for that!

  • It was really great. the most interesting part was the covering of the guy . Beauty of islam exposed there...

    • Teeka assay Hreedoy! My idea is to ask God from deep inside our hearts to lift the pandemic from us. Hreedoy, the presence of the whole heart is very important. Thanks, Hreedoy for your nice comment. 

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