Sometimes people tend to give a judgement or believe in things related to some of the world big and rich culture . Just like that giving a false generalization according to one thought known about them . I have call it stereotype culture . We related many nations around the globe to one single form of act , food or manners in the same way we do with individuals.
Here we go to our comfort zone for a quick judgement , while we need more to judge and a lot of evidence .
       I was in the chat room with some of the club members and we came to the story of Ali Baba . This story was taken from the 1000 night and night tales or tales of Arabia and it resemble nothing in front of the big , rich heritage and culture of the Islamic civilization . Actually , the book from which the story was taken is considered to be a magazine for common people with no worth at that time . Educated and elite people never read such stories at that time of history .
One the other hand there were many interesting stories and some of them were real story for real men and women recorded from ancient times and near nations .
For example , " Kalellah and Domnah " the stories is with animals protagonists talking in deep wisdom about many life issues and it was translated into Arabic by Abdullah Eben Al mokafa a Persian .
        There that's story of " Hai Ben Yakthan " which can be considered as a scientific story for people to understand anatomy and many other concepts .
There that story about " Tawab and Zawabi " about the world of ghosts and jennis and many other things .
That's it :)


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  • A nice reminder in the midst of loneliness, during the pandemic era..
    a little bit history, a little bit philosophy, a little bit science, a little social relations... shortly human and the life ...
    at that writing action, you didn't mention flowers may be ...

    ok .. no problem .. I believe that your next subject be flowers ... who knows :)

  • Tamam ya Rosemary! nicely put. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice Rosemary!   ...a good remedy for stereotypes is collecting experiences and travelling one way to get them )     Thank you 

  • Good topic. 

    Thank you, Rosemary!

  • Wow! Kelileh and Demneh are so nostalgic to me! I Loved the stories as a kid.

    • Really :) it was my childhood story book too . I am rereading it again  . What about you ? 

  • The more you are exposed to the world, the less likley you are to see the world in black and white, in stereotypes.

    You can explore the world without ever leaving where you are;


    chat with people from other cultures online

    think about what you learn; observe

    I have a 3 volume set of "The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night" (Burton Translations) but I haven't yet read them.  


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