step back

Step back keep on by using your foot but how long will you take step back to reach the destination, so you can't reach without taking the step forward. Similar like a problem or past life how long suffocating with you problems or past life like step back of your foot. No matter how hard it was or how long you have been humiliated just take the forward step against of your problems or past life. First be relaxing to yourself and take the deep breath then think the main cause of the problem what is the next step we should take and solve the problem. Don't ever think of you can't get the solution. Each and every problem has the solution. Don't lose the hope and fed up with life. The problem occurs in your life will make you stronger than ever. Don't think you can't face the problem. Positive vibration always makes you strong and thinks you to go on the right way. Negative vibration will lead the think to go on the wrong way. Look at all the business man earlier had faced the failure and humiliated a lot but they never ever give up and keep on trying to figure out the solution and made the huge success in their life. If you're facing the failure more than the times which are very hard for you just get up again. Go on again and rectify the mistakes what you made the last time. Keep trying is the only way to recover your past and solving the problems. Nothing is impossible in the worlds. Have you seen the infant or kids they fell down again they will try to get up again they will fall again then again trying to get up until stands on their own? Problems or past life also not to keep it as a garbage to store in your heart. Throw it away which keeps you clean and make peaceful to your heart.

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  • Thank you mishaikh We should learn the things from mistake and don't stick on it.

  • Thank you mohamed

  • thank you very nice i undestend 

  • Taking the time back from ones past is not in our hand.  What is in our hand is not to repeat in future the mistake committed in the past.  Man learn from his mistakes, and it is a life time process.  It never stops. Repent, and make a promice to self, not to repeat the mistake.

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