Starting with my imagination

When I was a little, I really like to sit under a shady tree and see the blue sky. Then I thought about many things. One of them is "fairy". Is the fairy real? What does it look like? Can they really fly? Do they live on trees and flowers around my house? The question appeared suddenly.
Then I thought again whether a fairy can be a hero who helps people? In my opinion yes. It's very funny to remember. But from there I began to want to become a hero started by helping people around me.
From that thought I aspiring of becoming a nurse that I thought could be called a hero, why? Because a nurse helps everyone a lot. And as I grew up I realized many hero figures in this world. But I do not regret choosing aspiring as a nurse, and happy to have thought that way.

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  • Yes, we can say that a nurse is a fairy who helps sick people to recover. I myself have no gut to do such a great job especially when it is related to blood. 

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