Special things from my virtual MyEc Mom

It's real that a friendship can come something special feeling. The first time, I joined here I felt not sure that What I will get from here, because many guys in here. But it's not like what I imagine. I have got many good friends, Part of them, I suppose as brother or sister. And One person is very special,she is Mitran. Yeah, It sounds like strange name. She is very good friend and I call her as Mom. Actually, I so far with my real mom, so I such get second mom, I called it as Virtual Mom.

I got something from my virtual Mom. I love it all, and what I make very proud to my mom is her's hand writting, these are very nice and till now, I still keep it on my study-desk. Btw, Thank you Mom. This, I have special and link song special for you:

my Beautiful Mother

© Mitran

My beautiful Mother
sweet as a flower
Never asks for anything
Always giving
Always smiling
Never frowning
Caring as a teacher
Never too busy to give advice
Always there by my side
Always helping
Never neglecting
Understanding as a counselor
Never gives up
Always does her best
Always shining
Never quitting

And this song:


This is some gifts from my Virtual Mom, Mitran

   Ok Mom, I hope you always healthy and can have many more children again from here. Lol.....

   Ohya, to my siblings Rajesh, Ha and Scarlet. Thanks for the friendship. I Miss and Love you all...:)

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  • =(

  • Yes, right Teacher...Poor you! :)

  • Why I cannot Raj....I wanna have more....Oh, I know, You're jealous with your Sis/bro, right? Come on....don't do like that. One day, You will catch a BG and you will forget me (lol...as I see..you did).

  • More presents?????????????

  • Oh! Naughty, I am forcing my mind to write like you.:) And lol....seems, you will also vote for mom's handwriting not mine....:D

    And, I don't hope mom to have any more children from here.....:D

  • I like the gifts they look like traditional things represent the beauty of Vitnam and the people there

    so nice!

    Thank you Anau for sharing!

  • @ My Teacher Expector : many thanks for your compliment.

    @ Cat : lol...hhhhh...witch. How dare you say like that....but now..I can see, lol...2 lovely animals here.

    @ Ana : ohhh, Expector Smith is my Teacher. I respect him so much. And one more, Goshhh....Your mom is still young, don't make me to become old. Got it?

    @ Bro : welcome to Virtual family. So hahaha....You and Raj are male. We need to take good care of you both.

  • Great post, Anau! I bet you're so proud to have her as your virtual mom. Who would thought that we can have a family on cyberspace? Thanks for sharing! : )

  • Hihihi....I am laughing as long as today. I am so very very happy have new family in here.

    Oh Mom, I am sorry, I can't give you something be value, I can't give you money or gold. Just wanna express my feeling, my happiness has special family in here. So, please don't feel like that.

    Now, we make a second family in here. I wish someday We can meet each other. How if we meet at Vietnam? I think my mom will make special welcome-ceremony for us. We can spend our gathering times by eat, drink and make messy at my Mom home. hihihi.....(please don't angry Mom...)

    Yeah, I and Scarlet have same nickname, that is Billy and Cat. We like roar like this, " Miiiiaaauung...." every we want to do something. hihihi..

    For Expector: Thanks for the comment, you can follow us. But I will ask my mom first, is she don't mind If she has one kid again....., Mom, Do you mind about it?

  • Oh Sis... hahaha...

    I think if you become my "mom-in-law"... hic hic...I can not imagine my future... Oh Gosh, you know I so scare witch...LOL...hahahaha

    Yeah, Billi is nice name, and it means I and Anau are the same lovely-animal...kekeke

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