"BULE"  is a word, known as foreigners. Talking about it, I'm blessed because I have many foreign friends from many countries. It is such a great blessing for me. I try to keep in touch with them everyday. So I have my trick to keep doing it. I listed them as my virtual families or for it it is like a new family from Internet.

 Yeah, you all may think it as a weird behavior I do. However, I don't really concern with all people think badly about me. Having family or virtual families from many countries, it really help you to know their cultures besides it, we can get closer each other. 

My brother from Colombia and my American aunty

I think it is really helpful for myself and my students.. Why not?  Well, I found a method for my students in improving their speaking skill and build their self confidence. Yeah.. I asked my virtual families to help me.

As some examples, I asked my aunt from California, She is an American. She knows me so well including my families. We  are used to talking everyday from Whats app. Then, I had an idea, On Sunday, in the morning, when I had to teach my students  of Krewed English Club. I asked my aunt to help me, I would call her accidentally when my students noting my lesson. And,... I did!, my students were surprised a bit but I tried to make them calm and I told them that she was my aunt. They were shy at the first time. I thought it was normal but I tried to guide them for speaking something a bit "asking condition, introducing them and they seemed enjoying it" That was their first talking to BULE or Foreigner.

I am still curious to know their potency because I believe they have it. Then I asked my virtual brother, he is a teacher of kindergarten from Colombia. I offered him to talk to my students. Of course he loved it and he accepted it. The second call, My students seemed not shy anymore, They were addicted I thought. I am glad to know it. 

I have a plan to ask grandpa T Mal to talk a bit with them. Wish me luck. THANKS for reading my blog. 

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  • Hehe thanks...:D 

  • Thanks roman

  • Hi Dimi!

    Thanks for sharing your interesting methods of teaching and for the new word!

    I wish you good luck!

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