Sorry i can't do anything for you....

I love you mom but i cant do anything for you

I remember how you loved me when i need you,

But today when you need me i cant stand with you

The reason is my own family so sorry mom i cant do any thing for you..  

I remember when i used to fall sick 

U didn't sleep for a moment. How your touch filled with love made me feel better. . .but today when you have none to see you on bed 

I know i am the last hope of you 

But i can't do anything for you 

Because in this world everyone need money 

And you have nothing to give my inlaws so they are not ready to keep u with me 

Sorry mom i love you 

But i cant do anything for you 

A mother became burdon to his own son

He started beating his own mom

But i can't do anything for you mom

Today you are crying for help but im not with you mom

Bcoz im married and have my own new world 

But i cant do anything for you mom

Today you don't hv shelter 

I have a big home 

But i cant give u roof coz the ppl who are living here they dont have big heart

I cant do anything for u mom

Im sorry 

My heart goes out

Im broken

I m so bad 

I feel like a criminal 

But sorry mom 

I cant do anything for u

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  • I could feel you. I hope your mom is fine now

  • I live in Bangladesh which is neibouring country of India, so i know the situation that is facing   Rekha.its so called rule that after marriage every girl has to take care of her husband’s family. Girl,s family member is guest not family member. But not all like this. I think Rekha is one of them who is unlucky to take care of her mom. So sad situation for her. I think Rekha u should do something for your mom without any hesitation


    • Thanks dreamer for understanding me i took her witm me finally. She is critical and going to be operated  tomorrow. Need your blessings. 

  • oh no... i am agreed with rosemary.... dont stay silent.. do something...  mum is everything... 

    • Yes  for me she is everything.I am trying to give me best. 

  •    Don't say so . It's terrible but you must do something  ,even if it is a phone call to say how are you today ? Have the intention to return some of your mom kindness and care . 

    • Rosemary today i broke all the rules and gone against all. Lets pray for her rapid recovery 

  • Hi, Rekha,
    when I'm reading your words I can feel that it is a horrible situation for you. Sometimes things are out of our hand, and although we want to help, and take care of someone, we can't. One thing that helps me often is to think not about all or nothing, but in little steps and little help. I remember the time after my mum had died, and my father was living alone. He was severely sick, and needed help day and night. At first I gave my life completly up, and lived 3 month with him to take care of him, but due certain circumstances I couldn't stay there for longer. I could only care for him every second day for a few hours. I felt very guilty and bad about that. But after some time I realized I'm doing my best, and I'm not able to do more.

    Maybe you can't take your mother with you, but maybe you can help her a little bit... maybe someone else is able to help her...? Are you the only child? Sometimes the solution comes from a totally unexpected side... try to be open to think in new and different directions. I send you a hug and positive energy!!

    • Not a clue thanks alot for giving me this positive energy. I didn't get time to reply you all. Extremely sorry for that. Today i am at hospital since morning so i got some time to come here. God favored me and any how i took her with me. Today because of her long illness she lost her balance and fallen down from stairs .his son is a drunker and didn't even care to admit her in hospital. She has got multiple fractures in this age . Financially i am not good but whatever i have i will spend it on her treatment. Now i want only one thing from god that my mom get well soon. 

      • Oh, I'm surprised that change happened so quickly, Rekha. Congratulation on your decision to break the rules. It's very sad to hear about your mothers accident, though. Wish you the very best, and a firm believe that you will always be able to find a suitable solution for all your problems in life. :)) 

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