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Sore Throat

Hello everyone,

How are you today? I hope everything is great with you there. :))

How is MyEC today? Mr. Josef keeps improving this new MyEC for us. :))

Let me think once again what best to post here. ^^ Lately, I got a sore throat and it's still painful now. )) I'm so stubborn with this illness. I mean, this sore throat is so stubborn on me, lol. Furthermore, I don't like taking medicines. :x Do you know any remedy for this? Any illness I can handle, but this one. :(

What I feel is, a bit dizzy, coughing, and cold. Tell me what should I do??

I hope you're not like me. Please be well. ^^

Have a great day! 

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  • Ohhh little Onee... I can give you a hug if you're still ill... But since this post is almost a month old I really hope you are alive and kicking! :)))


    • Thank you for your encouragement, NotAClue. :D

      I will try my best to keep alive and kicking. :))))))

      Btw, I'm very well now. Hug back. :D

  • Get well soon Onee-chan... 


    • Hello Fizzy,

      Many thanks. I'm very well now. I hope you are great there. 

      Good day! ^_^

  • Thank you dear bet, Rosemary, and Estanis...

    I don't like to say I'm not really well, still. I will consider your advice, my friends.. Bunch of thanks. See you again.

  • Hey Onee! :)
    Sorry for your pain, I know it can be so painful and mostly if the pain expands to the ears. I also try to avoid medicaments but when it hurts to me something I need to be well again right away haha... When I was a brat and felt like that my granny gave me hot water with honey and squeezed limon.
    Get well soon o.k.? ; )

  •   I wish you a speedy recovery  dear Onee  . It might take time but you will beat the illness at the end and as you have mentioned I hate taking medicine as well . 

  • First and foremost  I am sorry to hear about your illness. By the way I am your true sis as I also like not to take Let me say once I had cough for more than one month and many days I could not sleep well due to coughing but finally I managed it without medication....hahaha....anyway it is better taking medicine if it is needed, you know. But yes we can handle some of our illness without medicine by our own resistance power...and we should let our body to do it. In my country many people are tend to taking medicine more, even sometimes they have medicine by their own! There is over use of antibiotic too, a very threatening situation! In reality I am a bit scared of taking medicine specially about antibiotic and new medication I like to let my immune system work if I get sick....

    • Now babbling aside, I would like to suggest you to drink Luke warm water with honey, you can drink lukewarm water squeezing sliced lemon, you can make tea by adding bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, sugar and milk. And I must say boil some drinking water with two cardamom and drink it, you will feel better. I also think clove and ginger also helps, you can chew a little piece of them. But if you feel please take medicine, do not ignore and get well soon!
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