Sore Throat

Hello everyone,

How are you today? I hope everything is great with you there. :))

How is MyEC today? Mr. Josef keeps improving this new MyEC for us. :))

Let me think once again what best to post here. ^^ Lately, I got a sore throat and it's still painful now. )) I'm so stubborn with this illness. I mean, this sore throat is so stubborn on me, lol. Furthermore, I don't like taking medicines. :x Do you know any remedy for this? Any illness I can handle, but this one. :(

What I feel is, a bit dizzy, coughing, and cold. Tell me what should I do??

I hope you're not like me. Please be well. ^^

Have a great day! 

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  • Saya harap anda baik, mod. Onee. Half a lemon in a cup of tea several times a day. avoid cold water and cold weather. Don't raise up your voice when you speak. May God bless our cute moderator.

    • Thank you, Sir. This attaches me again actually. Oh my God! ^^ I'm really susceptible with this now. Thank you for reminding me with your suggestion. I will be more careful. ^^

      Thank you once again.

      • Kembali mod. Onee!  You're welcome

  • Ohhh little Onee... I can give you a hug if you're still ill... But since this post is almost a month old I really hope you are alive and kicking! :)))


    • Thank you for your encouragement, NotAClue. :D

      I will try my best to keep alive and kicking. :))))))

      Btw, I'm very well now. Hug back. :D

  • Get well soon Onee-chan... 


    • Hello Fizzy,

      Many thanks. I'm very well now. I hope you are great there. 

      Good day! ^_^

  • Thank you dear bet, Rosemary, and Estanis...

    I don't like to say I'm not really well, still. I will consider your advice, my friends.. Bunch of thanks. See you again.

  • Hey Onee! :)
    Sorry for your pain, I know it can be so painful and mostly if the pain expands to the ears. I also try to avoid medicaments but when it hurts to me something I need to be well again right away haha... When I was a brat and felt like that my granny gave me hot water with honey and squeezed limon.
    Get well soon o.k.? ; )

    • Oh Estanis, so you have ever been a brat. LOL

      Thank you for your suggestion. To tell you the truth, it really helped me.

      Thanks to you, friend.

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