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Assalamu`alaikum wr.wb.

Hi friends how are you, hope you are fit and healthy. Previous excuse me if the English language chaotic, because this is the first time I write in English and also the first time I wrote on the blog. Moreover, all the English blog. And again, the first time I knew that no English club like this. This also is because there is the task of lecturers of English who have created an account on and write some kind of wonderful essays on the blog. Once a week should write on the blog. You still can not imagine, write something on the blog, in English, once a week. It's really something, in Indonesia language usually said sesuatu banget. But here's the lesson. If you do not like this then we will not know and will never know that there are things like that that can make us to learn many things. Hopefully this can make we can all move on.

Wassalam, ALLAH is always with you.

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  • "Sesuatu banget" hahaa :D
  • @Winda.. wkwkwk...You know exactly..:D

    @Onee-chan.. I will... just waiting for blog..

  • Good luck! Waiting for your next blog. :)

  • hahahaha, I know how it feels cause we in the same state right now :D

  • good comment I think is an encouragement to go ahead. therefore thanks to all who have provided encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  • Yes you have stepped to the correct place.Wish you all the best.
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  • Good luck with practicing English in this powerful platform.

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