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Someone : What did you say being kind ?
Me : Yes , what's wrong in that ? I don't even like to quarrel with others .
Someone : you aren't kind or that ....... don't mislead your self . You are simply a person who is disconnected . That's it .
Me : and how is it ?
Someone : you are disconnected from your inner soul and that's the cause of your miserable " kindness " situation.
You know people like you think or assume their big jokes of being kind . While in real they are still suffering from their childhood truma.
Being neglected as a child isn't an easy thing . The ball of snow get bigger and bigger. Kinds in that situation keep looking for care and kindness in others .Because , they didn't get it at home . So , the assume that if the give kind they will get it back . However , they won't find it at all and will end up being used or expoliated by others . They will be miserable victims only
Me : Oh , so what do real people look like or behave ?
Someone : listen dear , real people are monsters and beasts . They will destroy everything and everyone who stands at their face and will enjoy life without guilt .
Me : Why is that ?
Someone : They were loved and secured as kids that's their secret.
Which lead and explain all their good way of managing their lives. They stumble others and keep walking .
A woman of that type look so elegant wearing her make up while arguing . She don't shout or cry . She knows how to control others and don't even care about feelings or emotions . Unlike you you had enough miseries and pains that have chained you down from going forward and fighting for your self.
Hhhhhh and you call it " kindness " . People are weak and evil is their reality evil is the wheel that moves the world and it's the truth .
Me : What about the Holy books , the prophets and the philosophers ?
Who told us to do what's right !
Someone : I have an answer for you . You should use spiritual preaching for your own sake only for you . Not for helping others . Let the holy words protect your soul read and repeat them . We are too weak to act good it's our nature and nothing wrong with that . And about the philosophers they were mentally ill people .
Be real Be your nature and we will be happy never believe in imagination .
There's no such thing as being good and kind .
" this was a real talk between me and a woman . I won't ever follow her bad advices or be like her . I wrote her to see what do you think of it and to tell you that there are people around us who are really different .


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  •    Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him was a mercy for all mankind . Thanks for telling one of many of his great stories , that manifest his deep kindness toward every living soul and I do really agree with every word you have mentioned in your comment Mishaikh . However  , we can't deny that their are people who believe in evilness more than kindness  . Have a nice and blessed Friday my friend  :) 

  • Kindness makes the man perfect.  It is kindness to control the opersssors and help the operessed.  It is not wise for me if someone extends his/her tryanny to me.  It becomes my duty to stop them by force, by words, or at least not to repeat their action in reaction.

    Be kind to the man on earth, HE will will kind for your in heaven.  This is a very famous saying. Remember, our Porphet was badly treated by a neighboring woman.  Once she fell ill and did not come to perfrom her act of unkindness towards the Prophet (Pbuh), He visited her house to see whether she is okay.  So at least try to spread kindness. 

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