I don't want to write a fake bio.

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    • You right, a Fake world but not outside the universe so looks are the same as earth. 

      But there is still a difference,  If you want to see different then you need to be fake and have fake eyes(alien eyes, that I have).

  • Just amazing!! 👍

    • Nice to hear that....... Thank you Cafe Owner (haha)... 

  • Look Mr Fake look ! Those photograps are not as fake as you . I swear to you !.

    • I think you are a Robot......

      Which was programmed to leave similar comments on my blog post...

      Thanks, Mr.Adriano2123(your code)..


  • What a beautiful scenery.
    Nature is always stunning.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos, Fake.

    • Nature is always stunning...

      You are welcome..

This reply was deleted.