I don't want to write a fake bio.

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  • Excellent  work!Thanks!

  • Nature acts for us all the time, even to bring tranquilityin our mind with its beauty. Good long-shots.

    • That's right..

      Thanks, Mr.

  • Breathtaking...I can even feel the fresh air of the autumn forest..thanks Fake. Loved it. 

    • Nice to hear that 


  •   Stunningly  beautiful  :) 

       Where are from exactly  ? Can you give us the names  of these sites  , plz ? 

    • This scenario from the fake world..........

      I am very sorry I am not able to reveal my secret.....

  • nice pictures!

    • Thanks...

  • WOW, what fantastic colours, It seems that even in Fake's world, autumn adorns itself with splendid colours! :--) 

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