Arts is an important part of our culture. It represents the history and the heritage of a nation. Governments usually spent a lot of money on the promotion and development of the arts. Some people believe spending this extravagant amount of money is unnecessary and could be spent on the development of the economy and technology. I strongly oppose their opinion.

First of all, despite little tangible value, Arts have a huge emotional impact on our everyday lives. It motivates people and encourages them to work for the nation. Arts create a huge impact on national crises like war and famine. It bears the evidence and the spirit of the national struggle. For instance, the independent war in 1971 is the most remarkable time for the Bangali nation. Millions of people give their lives in war. Behind this remarkable struggle, Bangali Arts and literature had played a big motivational role. At that time the posters drawn by the street artist had fueled the spirit of war. Moreover, the famous paintings of Jainul Abedin, a renowned painter of Bangladesh, in the background of the 1176 famine still make us emotional.

Secondly, artists represent the lifestyle of the people of a country. In this time of virtual media, celebrity artists of a nation are familiar among people of other countries. Millions of people follow them. Even though, politicians rule the country, celebrity artists have more influence on people from home and abroad. For example, Runa Laila, a famous singer of Bangladesh is a renowned personality all over the world. Millions of her fan followers all over the world know Bangladesh because of her. Government should always pay high remuneration to these artists for their contribution.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that government should spend a lot of money on infrastructure, education, technology, and economical development however, there is no way to curtail the budget to promote art and culture because it represents a nation and motivates citizens in the time of national crises.


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