There is a list of movies which will give you the feelings of coziness and warmth. And it is really needed to watch in cold winter evenings. So make tea, take pastries and enjoy the watching of these movies.

  • Little Women. It is really exciting movie about the family values and love. Movie is about the growing up the sisters at the time of civil war. It is about their first love, hopes and disappointments. It is about the forming of their positions and the start of the adults’ life. This movie is full of the love between sisters.

  • Groundhog Day. There is a holiday which is calls “Groundhog Day” in one of the American cities. In this day people wake up the groundhog and predict the weather according to its behavior. And the certain journalist has to move there every year and make reportage about this. One time he stays in hotel and there miracles start.

  • Curly Sue. I think that this movie is known for everyone. Father and daughter are poor, and they do everything to have some money for food and clothes. But once Bill falls in love with the famous advocate, and they start to live in her house. What will happen?


  • Miracle on 34th Street. All children believe in magic and wait the best and magic holiday in a year with pleasure. But the 6 years old girl doesn’t believe that Santa Clause exists. She writes a list of presents with other children, but she doesn’t believe that she can get new house, father, brother and etc. But after meeting with a real Santa, girl starts to believe in miracle..
  • Young Sherlock Holmes. Young Watson comes to the college in London and meets here Sherlock. They will have the first affair, which they should disclose together.  

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Love will break the world and make to be better. This movie won the Oscar for the most original script. It can’t be forgotten. And the actions are made in winter.

Of course, you may know such the most popular movies like Home Alone. But these movies, which are mentioned in this list, are also interesting and create the special atmosphere of holiday and winter.

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