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  • I give him no advice. I don't know him, or his reasons for what, or why, but he doesn't look like a good guy for me. So I hope he will get caught.. I just hope, that he will survive... Maybe it will teach him a lesson?

  • Hi Lucy, what a funny picture!

    I suggest you to give him a magical map ;)

  • "Stop! Go with me, I know the right way!"

  • hahahahah, thanks !

    well, I'm gonna tell him stay where you are that would be better for you, you're in safe. But do not stay for a long time. LOLOLO

    By the way, that was not as smelly time as your question ;-)

    Have a nice time!

  • Sure dear Asmaaa, take your smelly time, lol       :)

  • I don't know! I'll muse over it :)

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