The man reclining on the back of arm chair, seems to be in slumber, gets a slight jerk to open his eyes.  “Where is she? She was right here moments ago, what I am doing in her house, when she isn't here. 

He stands up and moves towards the door. He hears a soft voice behind his back, a baby's voice, the giggling voice, or may be the baby is about to cry. He rushes towards the baby without making any noise. The baby stares into his eyes, he picks up the baby, the baby touches his cheek with his small soft hand, and smiles, then closes his eyes, goes in sleep again.  He touches baby's cheek with his trembling lips and puts him down on bed very gently.  Then goes back to the arm chair, inclines on it, puts the blanket on his legs, closes his eyes and goes into slumber again..................... 

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  • I read before, but I haven't found any clue. That's why I asked. Does it mean she is the baby? So, this man couldn't be her father. Just wondering about each of the characters.

    Thanks for your response.

  • Onee read all comments, you may find the answer to your query.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • I feel a bit strange here... Her house?? Where was he? Who's the baby? 

    Yes, agree with the others. You describe the scene very well. I like it so much. :)

  • Thanks Anne for your encouragement and guidance. 

  • Kindly remember these:

    ** The baby stares in into his eyes

    ** goes in to sleep again


    Is "What I am doing here" a question? If it was, it should be written as...

    What am I doing here?

  • A good writer can write anything that captures his interest but a creative writer can turn a trite and banal scene into an interesting piece to read.

    You have that ability to turn a single scene into a readable print, Mishaikh.  This made your writing really unique.  Once again, you showed us how creative your mind is!

  • Thanks JU, your appreciation encourages me to go ahead.  Thanks again.

  • I agree with Amal's comments, I think this is just a nice scene of multi-scenes great nice story, please keep capturing scenes of that story in your nice pieces of work sharing them in here.
    I like this long nice story,and I like your way of narrating it.
  • I think it is a part of great story.
  • This man can take care of babies well, it is appreciable.

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