Slangs and Idioms, Informal Conversation 5

Caught Short


Layne : At the end of the week, I'm always caught short.

Kurt: That's because money burns a hole in your pocket. I don't feel sorry for you.

Layne How can I tighten my belt?

Kurt : You're going to have to do without in order to get along.

Layne I know. I'll try brown bagging it. Within a short time I'll be in the chips again.

Vocabulary :

caught short : having an insufficient supply { especially money  ) when needed

burn a hole in one' pocket : to be spent quickly

feel sorry for : pity

tighten one's belt : economize, spend and use less

do without : live without something

get along : manage

brown bag : bring one's lunch from home

in the chips : having plenty of money

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  • This is me most of the time...short on dough!   Wonderful and informative blog! :)

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