Slangs and Idioms, Informal Conversation 4

Raking it In

Conversation :

                    John: He was on the casino and started to make a bundle.                              He was really raking it in.

                    Brad:  I bet he thought he had it made.

                    John:  Then he started losing his shirt.

                    Brad : With his temper he probably hit the ceiling.

                    John:  Sure, The casino took him to the cleaners.

                    Brad:  Was he a good sport?

                    John:  Oh no he was a sore loser.

Vocabulary :

make a bundle : make a lot of money

rake it in : make a lot of money

have it made :be sure of success, have everything

lose one's shirt : lose all one's money

take someone to the cleaners : win all someone's money, cheat                                                           someone

good sport : person who loses well

sore loser : person who gets angry when he loses

Hit the ceiling : get angry


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  • From all your expression I only knew hit the ceiling. So informative thanks for sharing.
  • Hi Jesson, thank you for the informative blog :)

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