Not your usual afternoon class cutting trip, we’re heading to the fields to do some tree climbing, to pick our favorite fruit-alatiris, eat at the top of the tree and exchange silly stories, the plan is brilliant…unfortunately...

As we walk going to the area, we happen to see two other highschool boys from different school, they are beating someone, another highschool boy, currently bloody but they aren’t finish yet, the thought that it is only a petty fight is suddenly gone to that sight, as the other boy picked big stone and to our appall he strike the stone to the boy’s head, ended up killing him, we're frozen by that act, and when they notice that some eyes are staring, they look to us and all of a sudden, to my terror, they run after us, trying to reach my friend’s hair, luckily due to some tree climbing skill and the knowledge that we know the shortcut, we climb the wall to hide somewhere…and make it more dreadful, we watched them from the hidden place, we saw how they lift the body and threw on the rice fields where it will blend its blood to the murky water and sink….   

Auspiciously, I woke up….            

(I’m not sure if this was a good dream occurred this early morning-nonetheless, this gave me some inspiration, ultimately, this made me gloomy to begin the day with…I’m not confident about the tenses of this blog…Sir Dan, please do some favorable finishing touches…thank you so much..:(…)   


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  • Hello again Rajib, wish to fly in my own world where all I can see are chocolates and donuts. hahaha. Though life is not a bed of roses. :).. this scene is inevitable nowadays. 

  • Hello, Md., yes that's true, my brain is in the state of mid-shock and mid-blank, but this blog was really meant for a challenge, by mistake, I posted here on normal blogs. Hope I didn't bother the readers, and I will not be categorized as an aberrant person. :)

  • Dear Risty Aven,

    You dream is a common scenario at present world. To kill someone is not a big deal now. The animal are better then human being now. We were the best creature of the world . But we have failed to hold that respect.   

    Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻'s Page
    Risty (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻'s Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Everyday we read many news of murder in newspaper. I think it is a reason of mental pressure which creates such kind of dream. Good blog, keep it up.


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