Hi, everyone! After reading a few recent comments on my discussions in one of my favorite groups "Sing a song", after reading some discussions over and listening to the great music, I can't get rid of the idea to bring this group back to life. 

I am really very sorry that our friend Modaway decided to leave EC but the group he created was one of the best. Music is to unite people. It is such a powerful weapon that guns can rest in holsters. Music is not aware of national differences, borders, policy. It has always been and will always be the best way of expressing our feelings, hopes and sorrows and much more.

So, the group is still available and I just want to ask if you are interested. My wife and I, as well as many others, are quite knowlegeable in music, both classic and modern. Personally I have a lot to share and am always glad to learn more.

So, what do you think about this idea?

Here is the link to the group for those who don't know it


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  • Danny, extra money will not do harm for health for sure, but extra work can do that. LOL

  • My dear friend Estanis! Hahaha! So, you imagine me looking and performng like Bruce Springsteen! WOW! What a great praise and compliment! But let me disappoint you. I am different although my music has a lot in common with his. And it is not surprising as we both are Americans. Thanks for your great comment!

  • Dear Lana, you are surely right. It is imposiible to earn all money and needless to try. Scientists often overwork because of other reasons. To prove the viability of our ideas and inventions is much more important for us than money and even fame although the recognition and some extra money would do no harm, either! LOL!

  • Ehmm, I didn't know until maybe 2-3 months ago Glee exposed him to me. :D

  • I don't know. Sorryyyy, Estanis. :P

  • Who doesn't know Bruce Springsteen!?? :D


  • Hahaha. Dear Estanis, Who did you mean? 

  • Sure it is worth. Actually I picture you like 'The Boss' lol...

  • It is my pleasure, dear Danny. I am happy to hear that you are fine.
    You know, when my husband and I were young, we started own business and slept about two hours at nights. After all, It had a bad impact on our health.
    Now I understand very well that the best way to refresh strength is a good sleep. It is impossible to earn all money in the world. LOL. So, there is no need to try.

  • Dear Mary, thanks for your support!

This reply was deleted.