Silent Night

Silent Night is a certain time is a good for us.We felt closely with God and took our prayers. We were focused on something important in apart of our life. For me, it was helped me alot to find
"What is the meaning to alive"....near or far,..real or is not real no matter, with God I can talk, I can asked alot.
I asked to God "Who I am",..." Where I am"..."What I am doing"...I was asking to My God in the silent night."God gave me any signal for it. I knew and I was "Smiling" without any reason. I was opened my eyes for a while. And I saw "a beautiful life". That was someone who stand in front of my eyes, when he comes to mind a smile comes to my face.that's way I felt comfortable before. Only God have to know very well , closely, deeply, I just need God, that's way help us everything in the Silent Night,"Could we catch our Silent Night ?" what is the meaning of "Silent Night"...could they found their closely night,...."
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  • hi dear rini
    (silent night) good title for best subject .
    i like your word .words from heart make difference .
    i love you rini
  • hi rini .
    I love this situation that you imagine . But at now i can feel it much .
    Because i can feel god and i am looking for things to cause calm me .
    when i read your post , i remembered that i have this in many years ago .
    I hope that you find your willing .
    good luck my friend
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