Silent love

Silent love


Silent love





After taking a deep breath, I stood up on my toes, and dived, passing through the cool air, my fingers touched the base of the stream, then swam up back to the surface, looked here and there, no sign of the bouquet. The flow of water was fast. I dived again and swam blindly. After a while, I saw a bouquet that was far away. I had to swim carefully to avoid hitting myself with stones. I swam up back to the surface and took a deep breath. Once again, I dived and after swimming for a while; I reached the bouquet. Suddenly, I heard the noise of a waterfall; I saw a shower clouding. The waterfall was near. I swam. If I couldn’t catch the bouquet at once then it would shatter the petals in the waterfall. At last, I caught the bouquet and grabbed it at once. Gently, I took it to the bank. I turned back to see if how far I had come, the turning of the stream and Engelmann spruce had hidden the hill, I was jumping over the smooth round stones to reach the hill from where I dived. I saw that the hill from where I dived was so high. Next time, I will never put myself in such an insane situation again...

Then I saw a white spot on that hill. It was getting bigger and bigger as I was approaching it. she was Parveen. My efforts were not wasteful and the colorful flowers were in my hands.

I smiled as the same as Parveen smiled. She climbed up the hill onto the small track around the hill. But I couldn’t wait for that, I climbed up straight, crushing the weaving greenery, jumping over the white flowers and shrubs.

The mountainous shiny sun was rising just from the woods; the cool breeze was spraying the odd fragrance. Blue sky, shiny clouds, weaving twigs and there Parveen was standing on the hill. Golden hair and pinkish face, the cool breeze was playing with her silky hair. When I reached her, she smiled. I handed her over her bouquet. It was a strange thing that happened that morning. I came here for swimming and met Parveen, she was collecting flowers. Suddenly, the bouquet slipped from her hand and fell into the deep water.


We together walked silently she spoke up, ‘you jumped from such a height just for the banquet, and it is insane.’ Then they both kept silent. I took out a cigarette from my gown and said,’ may I light a cigarette.


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  •       Oh my God. How is it possible for you to brake the wonderful moment of love by asking: { May I light a cigarette}. Seriously???????

  • You are not only a believer, are also a great dreamer ))) Nice one. Liked the way you describe your dream.

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