Short Story Challenge- Putu (Need Child)

My Story.

Once there lived a lady called Putu. She used to be very humble and kind living on Peace Island with her hubby. Putu was desperately in need of child because she hasn't been able to bear children for 10 years after her wedding.

Because of that, she always had knife in her bed room with the perception that if she doesn’t get a child from now to the end of the year, she’s definitely going to kill herself.

That attitude of her was very Alien to her hubby. He begin to worry so much to the extent that he started to torture her every day and night. Because of the worried, He constantly had Toilet Paper in his pocket instead of his handcuff chief.  

In doing so, Putu was in the constant habit of destroying all of the items her hubby brought for her, she destroyed everything including the flash Light she had in her dining room.    

Since then, Putu is still in need of child. She said, she will continue to destroy if her hubby doesn’t give her a child.

The End!!!

Thanks everyone for reading this funny blog of mine.

Corrections please!!

Funny Challenge lol!!

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  • lol funny fiction

  • Hahaah thanks Noasssss

  • haha :D nice one dear! :D 

  • LOL. No wonder she can't conceived a child. Her husband was afraid to sleep with her. He was afraid that she would accidentally kill him :D :D :D. Nice one, Komala.

    Here is my participation on Luci's challenge. :D :D :D

  • hahaah thanks Luci.

  • Loooool what a couple :D funny!!! thanx for participating, Komala ;-)
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