Thanks a lot Luci for such amazing challenge. :D

Once upon a time there was an Island of aliens where toilet paper was the only abundantly grown plant found. Houses were like a broken egg with green lighting inside them and the shell of the eggs were brown. The aliens saw a flying bicycle on the sky and took shelter in their green lighted broken eggs, because they were afraid of humans. Soon the flying bicycle landed on the Island and a human stepped down from it, holding a big empty bag and started to explore the fields of toilet paper. The human had a sharp knife in the other hand and was running furiously here and there destroying every obstacle in his way. The wild human found a baby alien during exploration of the fields and he tortured him with his taunting sharp tongue and asked him about the fields. The baby alien was afraid of him and told him where the fields are grown. Soon he found the fields and started to fill his bag with toilet paper. Then he loaded the bag in his flying bicycle and went on his way to EARTH where there was a shortage of toilet papers. (Do you know why that human took off hurriedly? buhahahah :D Because he wanted to use those toilet papers badly :P)

Hope you guys enjoy it. :P

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  • I wonder why I can't write anything anymore? :(

    • Just look around yourself, you will find lots of thought to write about. 

    • You're right but you know the thing is I find it so difficult to make a proper sentence. I erase more than I write. When I think my thoughts start wandering. I can't keep my focus on one thing...

  • Roy, Nabila, Scott, Dimi bro and Yousra thanks for passing by :D

  • Very, very well done, I love the picture and applaud your use of colored characters!

  • Anah, your creativity is very good. Special thanks for the image

  • haha Bob Sir. lol yea! :D 

  • Important papers, quickly collect the important papers ;)

  • hahhaha Peacful_girl :D 

    maybe humans would do the same in the upcoming years :P who knows :D  

  • Mishaikh..! Thanks a lot for adding a lesson. :) A story with a moral is always appreciable. :)

    Afro! thanks but I like other's stories more :D I am really amazed to see how people used the same words and wrote totally different things! :)

    Seeker, LTSE. thanks for passing by! :)

    D.E.M thanks for stopping by and notifying me about it :)

    Noa lol :D thnks

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