Short Story Challenge - Are You Up To It ???

Hello guys,

I was thinking about some "Challenge" and would like to test your creativity. It isn't big deal at all, just write a story - only 50-70 words BUT use these words:


Just write a blog and give it title: Short Story Challenge: + add your title

All above mentioned words should be in the story so these who would like to give it title TOILET PAPER ISLAND can forget about it :-)

!!! I am looking forward to read funny stories from you !!! 

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  • Thanks for this tough challenge here is my entry

    Short Story Challenge: Sweet torture
    Here is my entry for Luci's short story challenge. I tried to make it within the limit of 70 words but failed miserably hehehe I know the plot is awk…
  • I go my story, remember I learning, so maybe I have some mistakes, thanks

  • Here's my story Luci, I don't know if it's as tiny as you asked. Any correction is welcomed.

  • I wonder where and how to post a story and to find other's story.
  • Our bloggers have been so busy, I don't even need to post a Writing Challenge this month! :) Thank you! Here's my story.

  • Thank you for starting this interesting challenge Luci!

  • Yes Anah, I am very happy that so many people decided to participate in this challenge :-) still don't believe my eyes :-D THANK YOU ALL ONCE MORE AGAIN!!!

  • :D It's really amazing to see different imaginary stories originated from the same words!!! 

    I loved reading peoples' mind through their writings! :D

  • Awesomeeee!!!! 12 people including me have already posted their stories!!! Thank you sooooo much, guys ;-)
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