Short Story Challenge: A War Howl

As I am the laziest member of Wow Gals, I don't write blogs for a long time. I don't improve myself neither.

BUT our leader, Rabab, encouraged me to give this challenge a try. I did and I'm waiting for all your negative comments with a smile face. :D 

This is Rabab's Challenge which I like the most.

Here is the original challenge.

Enjoy reading my short story.


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  • @Nida, 

    Your welcome sweetie, you should be thankful because I'm the one who catch your inner reality. kekeke :P

  • Btw, thanks a billion for reading my comment "differently". I'm feeling so honored. ;)

  • Noty,

    How come you allowed Anne to advertise her classes/lessons on your blog? Hurry up and stop her. :D

  • @Anne,

    Even if you thought my comment was weaker, what matters most is that noty read mine "differently" not yours. kekekee

    Don't assume baseless things about me. I'm same inside out, so my words don't carry some hidden meaning. They show real me. lol

    Anyone who thinks I've fallen in love is living in the fools' paradise. I wish them a very happy stay there. ;)

  • @Malkeet,

    Don't worry. My English was the worst and I thought it got better. While I read my friends' writing, I directly changed my mind and confessed that I still need to work harder. :(

  • What wow gals I have! :D 

    You go smoothly with them dear leader, don't you? You are such a nice leader so you shouldn't follow them. Instead, you must stir them up to work as WOW GALS. :D

  • It nearly brought tears to my eyes seeing all my flowers gathering in one bouquet lol

    Miss you Gals.

    Oh Anele So Am I supposed to post a negative comment as well ?? I don't know I think leaders should have a subtle way to deliver criticism, am still working on that. Wait for my undercover negative comment dear Noty kekekeke

  • Happy to hear that you enjoyed. After a very stressed months of work, a peaceful and enjoyable vacation will refresh you and help you to start a strong beginning again.

    I guess we are not going to be gathered again! Do we plan to play a hiding game? :D 

    mmm.. Do you think that Nida believes that showing admiration means showing weakness? She shows us her brutality to hide her tenderness. kekeke :D

    wow! Sounds great. We get a topic to tease her with. kekekeke  

  • Don't worry about the fame, you are more famous than him.  I even don't know what state does he live, kekeke!  

    Our schedule permits us to play hide and seek.  When it's our turn to come online, Roro and Nida hide and vice versa.  What a nice hiding place we got here!

    You know what?  Nida is very predictable indeed.  She really doesn't know how to hide her admiration no matter how disgusting her words are!  She likes to apply the worst vocabularies but she always ends up being soft in the end.  Her words may appear brutal but the woman, oh my goodness..........I think she is falling for someone, kekeke!

  • yup dearest.... I am grabbing this opportunity by publishing my lessons during this vacation.  I won't be able to do it if classes start already.

    Actually, my vacation has started since April 1 but those past days were spent on picnics, reunions, travelling.  I did enjoy my vacation to the fullest.  Now, it's time to share my lessons with the interested learners.

    I hope you will be also staying a lot in EC these coming days.

    It seems Nida is lagging behind again.  

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