Yes, what I'm trying to say is, it will be more enjoyable if MyEC is full of short blogs, on which a lot of comments are added. 

Why short blogs? It seems nowadays people tend to read what is short - they no longer enjoy lengthy articles or blogs. It takes time to read something long, but they can't find the time to read among the hustle and bustle

Then, why a lot of comments? It's no fun writing blogs with no or only a few comments added - the blogger will be so disheartened or disappointed or discouraged that they will lose interest in writing.

So, why not try to comment on any blog you just read? Don't miss any chance to practise writing. Most of the time, you don't really need to write a blog or article - you may just want to leave a comment on them to communicate with others, though.

Chances are, you'll perform very well in the chat room if you're good at writing comments. Comments are everywhere - people keep commenting, whether here on MyEC or on their smartphone. 

Let's comment, comment, comment!

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  • Hi SNR,

    Yes, it's quite true - long blogs can be so fun to read! It takes less time to write or read a short blog, though. 

  • @Mishaikh

    I've noticed that you've been encouraging others to write more - I truly appreciate it. Keep it up!


    Don't be 'shy' - you should know people enjoy comments on their blog. Let's comment!



  • Let's blog, blog blog...
  • Thank you Expector Smith for such advise:) You know, sometimes i little bit shy to comment something if it is blog discussion.

  • Agreeing with you Expector with ".......... the blogger will be so disheartened or disappointed or discouraged that they will lose interest in writing."

    I find it obligatory (a duty) to put comments on the blogs.  So I mostly comply with this.

    Thanks for drawing our attention towards a very important thing.


    Yes, it's true if the blog is interesting enough. A short blog or story, however, can be as enjoyable, if not more, as a long one!


    I mean 'not too long' by 'short'. Yes,  let's blog; let's comment!

  • Short blogs? I like that, it means less work :D

    Okay I'm on it, let's blog! :P

  • @Risty

    Thanks for the comment! I enjoy reading comments. Let's keep commenting!


    Yes, we should try to leave a comment on a blog by a newbie, who just could use such an inspiring comment!

  • Yes, and we should read new bloggers' blogs too. sometimes we tend to read blogs of known people. I think, we should avoid our this tendency/habit. We must encourage new bloggers!

  • Dear Sir Expector,

    Is this a challenge? I don't mean to comment in all we read, but to write a short blog? I don't know how to. Hahaha! Kidding! I heard from someone who speaks with sense when you are facing a challenging situation that's the moment you want to improve yourself and do an upgrade. Why not? I'll do my part as well.

    Thanks for encouraging us. 

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