Sheer Determination


She aims at her target like a big prize for the day, but still wary what might cause the delay. Could there be something lurking underneath the trees? Perhaps there’s a green-eyed monster waiting for her to ambush. Should she pursue it and risk her life? But the woodland is enchanting and the tropical weather is inviting. Nonetheless, her tummy is getting numb. She needs to act as fast as she can.

Eyeing for the gold comes to her mind. She doesn’t want her chicks to die in hunger, nor return to her nest empty-handed. She should be quick like a bullet train if she wants to get the elusive prize. Time is running out and the grey sky would mean rain is coming. This would become unbearable for her. But the captivating beauty of heather encourages her to give it a go. Now she’s determined even if there are different sounds of threat- from the peregrine falcons, wildcats and baboons.

Famished and exhausted, she hit the target with precision, and outsmarted the other preys in her surroundings. She killed two birds with one stone. Or were they really birds? (C’mon Robbie, tell us what she really killed!!!) Shhh… just a lazy beetle and a horny caterpillar… She’s lucky that she followed her intuition. The moorland is bountiful and for sure she’ll be back. For the meantime, she’s enjoying the prizes together with her chicks. Time is a thief but she didn’t let it rob her…

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  • Hi, Robbie.

    I like how you describe such simple things. The text is like pure poesy, although it has not been written in verses and rhymes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, it's not only about a bird, but it's also universal.

    • Thank you so much, Rose! It's fun trying to write creatively using an image. Perhaps my passion for reading encouraged me to keep blogging and use some words that are new to me. :)

  •  A. happy ending story. I like it.

    • Glad you liked it, Saba! Thank you! :)

  • Fantastic!

    • Thank you, Bet! :)


  • >a lazy beetle and a horny caterpillar...  
    Heheeee, yeah, life is sometimes this way. :-D 

    Nice piece of writing, Robbie! 


    • Ha! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks a lot, NotAClue!


  • Hey, Rob, My Friend.. What a nice theme , fascinating and your english is fascin ating too, words are pouring from your mouth like water of the Niagara Water Fall....Thanks for shering this with me ( US ),,

    Look my friend.. To solve this passage I worked hord to find the meanings of the words  that you 've expressed,..

    • Thank you for the compliment, Adriano!


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