Shawal's six days


After Ramadan, comes the month of Shawal. We fast six days during this month. It is Sunnah and not obligatory. According to Hadeeth, (who he fasts Ramadan and follows that with six days in Shawal, it is as if he fasts forever.)

This is built on one good deed equals that ten times the same. so the idea is like this. Ramadan is thirty days. if you multiply all that by ten, it equals three hundred days. the six days of Shawal are consequently sixty days. That makes a total of three hundred and sixty days. The number of days in a year. I am doing that at the moment and many other Muslims in different parts of the world are doing the same. 

The six days are not necessarily in order. You can fast on the second day of Shawal and then take the fourth or the eighth day. I prefer doing that in one go because my digestive system is accustomed to fasting since the month of Ramadan. Once more, happy Eid to you. 

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    • Mr.Mishaik , Thank you very much for your detailed explanation....I got it...

  • Shookrun bizzaf Houssine, thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Thanks alot for remembering us about such sunnah, and you explained it very well !! May Allah accept the good deeds from all of us ameen.

    • Mashi mushkila ya Houssine! Ana kanabgik FILLAH! I am on my third day. I hope Allah accepts our deeds. Thanks, Houssine for your nice words. 

  • Very true dara, but its not forever, it us for the whole year.

    • Main tum sahamat hoon Mishaikh sahib! If the person dies doing that, it means that he or she spent his whole life fasting. This is one of Allah's good favors and deeds. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your comment, and thanks for giving the information to the others while I am away. I really appreciate it. Many many thanks. 

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