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I have been learning English even for more than 16 years ,what a pity ,when I in front of foreigners,I even  can't make myself to be understood .Not I can't understand what are them say,but I don't know what I should to say.Before openning my mouth ,maybe many words appear in my brain,grammer、vocabulary、tense,so many things all decide what my sentences should be.If one section has mistake ,I'm afraid the audience can't understand me,enve laugh at my mistakes.All these make me feel nervous before speak out.It's my problem ,but I think it's not only belongs to myself .In order to conquer this situation ,I try to speak English with foreigners form skype avoid face to face talking .It can make me feel relax.However,learning English is not only for chat on skype ,but also for communicating with others fluently .I don't know what I should do next ,if you konw ,why not give me your advice?

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  • Hello Dustin,
    First, speak as simple English as you can. It may help you overcome your hesitation. Actually it happens when we try to be or show more than what we are.
    Second, be fàmiliar with its rules more and more by reading, then use them in as many ways as you can, so as to have good command. Without getting familiarity with them, listening won't be fruitful.
    happy learning!
  • Hey Dustin, what would I say? Chat with me on Skype! The first step towards fluency any language is really to speak with no fear of making mistakes, and that's exactly what I am trying to do now. It doesn't matter if you don't have  good grammar, listening or speaking, just speak to someone, in this case, with me on Skype. After all, I am in pursuit of somebody to do that. See you on Skype. My ID is: oliveira 10528.

  • There are many ways to learn English. In my opinion, for non-native English speakers and learners, I think the best way is a focus. In which area do we want to be better first; writing, speaking, or listening? Sometimes we can't focus on many things at once. Maybe prioritize is the key strategy in this subject. 

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