Shall we love ourselves?

Self-love is born out of fatigue. When you get tired of wearing someone else's clothes, meeting the expectations of others, showing your best side. You get tired of resisting your truth, you get tired of hiding it (including from yourself). And then you want to hug the detached parts. Recognizing that they are yours. Through fear of becoming someone or something terrible, through the pain of memories which suddenly come to life, through bitter regret about what happened, resentment and anger at those who allowed that happen, through this system of your centuries-old guards.

To love oneself is to love one's weakness, "badness," inconvenience. This is not quite like loving a beautiful picture or sending a bouquet of roses to a beautiful stranger. But only then you have the opportunity to become real. Warm. Strong. And alive.


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  • At least we should respect ourselves. If we don't do that no one will do it either. 

    ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ love yourself

    • This is an art and really had to be taught. Honestly, I am not even sure how it is and what that means. I am trying to do my far failing and failing )) What about you, Svitlana?

      • Hello, dear Olga! 

        You know I am trying to get some lessons from life and be wiser. But till now I fail again and again. Anyway I have learned a lot and I am not like I have been before.  And one day I hope I will analyze all my mistakes of the past and be able to correct my future. 

        Thank you dear for sharing your thoughts. )))

        • Thank you, Svitlana for your answer. Same thoughts here ))) And same failure. I just wonder what one has to do to reach that "nirvana" in life )))

          • You are welcome, dear Olga. You know I think it is impossible to reach "nirvana" in our life. (((

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    • LOL, Estanis. Nice idea, btw. Here is another practice ))

      The Confidence I Need GIF - ILoveMe SelfLove Confident GIFs

      • Aww.. sweeeet O.M!   I'll bear it in mind every first cup of coffee of the day ;)

        • Estanis, once again I understand what the friends are for )) You made my day with your comments ))) Thank you.

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