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SEO promotion for the new and old site will be different.

If the site is only at the development stage, then we recommend thinking about the future of SEO advancement in search engines right now to avoid a lot of mistakes in the future, and most importantly a loss of time.

And that's what you need to think about before your website starts programming:

Domain and hosting is something that is problematic in the future to change.
Do not save on programmers to code the site was written correctly in the opinion of search engines.
Find a good copywriter who can write unique SEO articles.
Use high-quality photos and videos and do not take them from the Internet.
But for the old site, which is already more than 1 year old, and which has never been promoted, it is worth starting with the site audit. Perform the following steps:


    • check the hosting on which the site is located and how search engines are related to it;
      check the validity of the code;
    • analyze the structure of the site - how easy it is for people to find information on it, how quickly visitors leave;
    • check all articles for uniqueness and keyword requests with seo rank tracker tool - during this time they could already be copied.

These are basic questions for SEO promotion, but they still play the most important role in website promotion.

It should be said that SEO site optimization is long and not cheap.

Each search engine, be it Google or Yandex, has several hundred parameters by which they rank each site. Moreover, they carefully hide most of these points so that people cannot manipulate the robots of the systems. As soon as your site appears on the network, sooner or later it is found by a search engine robot, which bypasses all the pages on your site and carefully analyzes them. And then save a copy of each page and information according to all points.

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