We are getting selfish day by day . if we notice around us everyone is busy with his own family where parents are not included. Our parents put up with a lot of sacrifice for growing up us but they r neglected in our family.we have no time for them. We just running behind money which never bring true happiness in our life. If u earn much money another crisis will come in your life. We always busy with our business but don't have time to do something who r starving day to day around us. If we want from our heart we can do something for them . There are many people around us who has no shelter for sleeping, no clothes and foods. We have ability to arrange some food or clothes but we have lost our humanity. We are getting blind so we can not see their sorrow. We can not stand beside them because we are selfish. Everybody forget it what will happen after our death .nobody remind me so why doing this? Everybody should do something for the needy.

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  • Diah thanks for reading  my blog.

  • Asit, we human are created to have one of this trait; selfish. The distinguish between people are the percentage of its selfishness. People always think about their own happy life, which in case sometimes forget the other suffering people. Also, we enjoy most of our life with the outer circle of family especially their parents. I can notice myself like so... sometimes. So maybe the good thing to do is try to increase our self-awareness to others by caring, giving affection and help, to those who be our priority. Thanks for the nice blog :)

  • Rose I read a story  . An evil  man took his mother in a basket  and carried  on his head for throwing  his mother from a hill.  In that time evil man's son shouted daddy  daddy please bring the basket back. His father asked his son why? What will u do with the basket? His son answered  daddy I will do the same with u when u will be old. Evil man understood  his son's speech and come back at home with his mother. Yeah u r right that when they will understand  it will be too late. Thanks rose for reading blog

  • Every evil act like this comes back sometime. Someone who treats his parents or others in this manner isn't a good role model to his own children. They will do what they see and learn. One day they will also do the same with their parents. Then they will understand, but it will be too late.

  • Asit what a horrible thing.  You are a good one Asit......and your parents are very lucky to have you indeed.

  • Paula thanks for your nice comment. I have a shocking  experience  in my life that I never forget. I went to my relative house last some years ago . I saw a heart touching scenery.  I saw a man thrown his mother out of his house and his mother was lived  little hut  which is almost 3 feet long and 3 feet wide.  Even her son did not give her food regularly . Old woman tried to commit  suicide but didn't.  I have  never seen such an heinous  brutality on woman. I heard that old woman eaten  her own stool  because she never get food regularly.  At last she passed away has freed  all kind of negligence  and brutality.  Paula this phenomenon  made me so much hurt. I wanna nurse my parents  with my life . I never want to hurt them .they have done so much for me . How can I hurt them?

  • Asit great reminder .....and yes we should always cast an eye for those in need and do what we can to ease their situation.  Many parents today have no one to look after them.......for we are too "busy" as you said.......I remember when arguing with one of my son's when he was a teen-ager and he said......I didn't ask to be owe me.  So many feel that way.  Thank Goodness he did finally lose that attitude.  But it took him a long while.  But you know for the most part our families are all that we have.  Material things never bring us a lasting pleasure.  Many do not realize that until it is too late and they have grown old and cannot go back and change the past.  I always remember the quote, "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil".  It is not the money by itself that is the is truly how we feel about it and what we will do to make sure we have it.  There is also another quote,  "It is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the gates of heaven".  I suppose that says it all whether we are believers or not.  Yes we must have some money to doubt.  But that is all we need.  The rest are selfish wants and desires.  We must be moderate in all things.....never be greedy.......I think I could take my own advice on this statement when I look at how many purses and shoes I have.......geez........thank you so much for bringing this subject have smacked my hands for me this day.  I hope some other hands have been slapped that we remember what life is about.  We are going to struggle in this life no matter our situation one way or another.  At least let's keep our conscience clear if we possibly can and let others benefit from the humans we claim to be.   

  • Thanks beki .yeah u r not one of them  hahha

  • Yes dara we have think about them otherwise its not possible  to be a pure human being. Thanks for reading blog

  • Bilkul sahih Asit Biswas! We have to think of the others, too. Our souls need purification. Thanks for sharing.

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