We never expected that we are going to face this kind of challenge; to be separated with one another, to stop everything that we are doing and to do nothing but to stay at home. It is a heart breaking experience not to go outside and do the things that you love to do. This pandemic gives us different realizations about life.  With that I would like to share with you the things that I have realized with our current situation. And I hope that these things will somehow help you for your future plan.

Now, the first thing that I have realized is the importance of saving money. Well, even before this pandemic happens, we often hear to some experts that it is very essential for us to save money. But for some reason, some of us failed to achieve it.  Yes, I know it is not that easy because we have a lot of things that we need to prioritize. But one thing that I have realized is that we also need to prioritize the unexpected things that may come to our lives, especially accidents and this kind of pandemic. Nobody wants to experience accidents but it may happen. Nobody expected about Covid-19 but it happened. The question is are we ready? Remember, if we are not ready financially, later it will also affect us emotionally. So saving money is very important.

The second thing that I have realized is the importance of having an extra job. Well extra job, extra income of course. I don’t say that my current job is not giving me enough money to survive. To be honest they gave everything to me, more than what I was expecting to received. That’s how grateful I am with the school that I have. But then, I still need an extra income because I have a lot of dreams that I want to achieve. That is my personal reason but with this pandemic it became necessary for us to have it. I realized that if my first job will not work, at least I have a backup where I could still earn money. Nowadays, having an extra job is very important.

The third thing and I think the most important realization that I have is to accept and to move forward. Yes, acceptance is the key. Since we are already experiencing this virus what we need to do is to accept that fact that we are in a new situation and to think of the possible ways on how we are going to survive. It is common for us human beings to adopt and adjust with whatever situation we are in our life. So do not tell me that you cannot think of any ways to fight against this pandemic. I know that we can! All we have to do is to accept, believe, have faith and move forward.

Everything happens for a reason. We always have something to learn, and whatever we have learned from our experiences. It will become our weapon to fight against our future challenges. Again, save money, have an extra job, accept, believe, have faith and move forward. 

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  • Thanks for sharing your realization about this pandemic . Let me share mine here , which might contrast with yours . " food security " is more important than having money or a job . Believe me money or even golden coins are worthless in such conditions . " food security " is a life style that was there 50 years ago in my country .it refers to the rural life or nomadic life people used to practice in my part of the world . A style of life that guarantees their food supplies from their small farms , coops , cattles or their hunting for fish . Thanks God people are recovering from covid 19 bad results . But imagine if such a pandemic continues for a longer time . We will be killed of hunger not the virus itself . How will people of big cities get their food from . There no money or job will rescue your life .
    My second realization is the importance of living as a whole society not as individuals . We must stand for each others in such calamities . Knowing that helping a person is helping a lot of people at the end .
    My third realization , globalization have had a lot of countless advantages and one if it's disadvantages is the spread of disease everywhere because of modern transportation . Keep writing blogs :) 🌷

    • Hi, thank you for spending time reading my realizations about the pandemic. I appreciate your ideas too. Thank you for sharing that to me. Keep safe 😁

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