Secret Admirer

You know? Being a secret admirer is not always fun. It is when you like someone, but you don't dare to express it. Or even to ask if he had a girlfriend. I think it's very funny that a woman like me can be affectionate with a man first. It is not usual for me.
When I opened my blackberry messenger or facebook, the first thing I was looking for him. When he was out of sight I was worried and wondered about what he was doing or whether he was with other woman. But I don't dare to start a chat with him.
But there is a happiness when I become a secret admirer. Just looking at him makes me happy. When he smiled, I felt like there was a volcanic eruption, dag dag dig dag dig dug, irregular heart sounds.
There are only two ways to overcome this, expressing these feelings or letting them disappear later.
You must know, I am your secret admirer!!! :D

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  • Aaww, Very good expressions. I like your writing. Thanks for sharing. Well Done!

  • Very sweet!

  • Its kinda painful most of women choose not to express their true emotions to the other side because of <<what if he turns me down>> so its sort of struggle for soul between our dignity and our feeling!
  • There's nothing wrong being a secret admirer even that someone already have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But the fact that if that someone is already taken, we must keep this feelings a secret and we must avoid to ruin others relationship. We should know where we stand.
  • Oh Sooo beautifuly and honestly you have expressed your emotion.Very very interesting.keep writing.
  • Be brave. Be the first to approach him. You will never know. Maybe he is also secretly admiring you. :) Good luck.

  • Apa kabar Dewi Risma, semoga teman saya baik. Saya harap saya akan pemuja rahasia. Hey! Jangan marah, saya bercenda. I am practicing my bahasa, Dewi. I hope you are not upset. By the way, the title of your blog reminds me of a song called soul pretender or something. Thanks for sharing.

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