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  • Hello, and happy New year.

  •  Merry Christmas Rys and best of wishes for this new year.

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  • Good health Rys and happy new years!!!



  • Merry Christmas Rys!!! Hugs!!!

    • Oi, Muskan

        Thanks for your greetings....C A R A M B A,...I was so worried about you when I read day after day about that awful georgebush fires ravaging the Aussie's outbacks. 

      • Yeah this is how summer goes in Australia. Last year total burned area was 4 million hactare this year it is already 5 million and getting more worse. I am in suburban area a bit far from real fire but yeah traveling is not suggested. A lot of wildlife lost, it is sad. Thanks for your concerns Rys I had a feeling in my heart haha that someone is missing me. Must be you reading the news and worrying about me. 

  • Marry Christmas,  Mr. Rysperski. Thanks for your season greetings)))

  • "He had made everything beautiful in His time". Merry Christmas to you too Rys Mr.

  • Oi NotAClue

        Thnks so much for your greetings, such greatings make it worth living till next Crhistmas!


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